Rye optometry office

Rye Optometry Office

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When your child is experiencing optimal health, it’s a tremendous weight off of your shoulders. Here at Sound Shore Vision Center, you can depend on the specialized care that is necessary to ensure that your child’s vision and ocular wellness are being given the attention they deserve.

Our Rye optometry office is concerned with both routine care as well as handling any issues that may come up. All kids should have a first examination by the age of five, with yearly follow ups afterward. The same refractive errors that result in reduced visual clarity for adults are the ones that our pediatric eye doctor checks for in your child: nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. It’s never too early for her or him to need eyeglasses. Everything from doing well in school to participation in sports is associated with the quality of vision. Reading, watching TV, using computers and mobile devices, and even playing video games are all enhanced thanks to the right prescription form our Rye optometry office. When it comes to the diagnosis of common eye problems in kids, such as amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (crossed eyes), and double vision, early detection is linked to the best outcomes. The signals shared between your child’s eyes and his or her brain can become inefficient. The good news is that these difficulties are fairly simple to address, providing that there is no delay in getting attention for them. Children also may contract glaucoma and cataracts, typical adult eye diseases. There are no symptoms until the later stages, so it’s only with our pediatric eye care that you can be sure of the timely treatment and management that is necessary to keep the chance of eye damage and vision loss to a minimum.

Of course, if you are concerned at all about your child’s eyes or vision, then call our Rye optometry office immediately. For less urgent matters, you can click on our “appointments” tab to schedule yours and your child’s visit.

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