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Dry Eyes 10543

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Dry Eyes in 10543

Dry Eyes 10543
Dry Eyes 10543

Dry eyes don’t just occur during the winter months. They can be a concern all year round. And at Sound Shore Vision Center, you can depend on diagnosis, evaluation and treatment in order to address the problem effectively and offer you relief from the discomfort and frustration associated with the condition.

What is the cause of your dry eyes 10543? At it’s root, it’s less about environmental factors and more about the quantity and composition of your tears. If you are not making enough, there will be an issue. And if you are making a sufficient amount, but they are not of the quality they need to be to do the job of lubricating your eyes properly, then you are in need of assistance. Environmental factors and certain medical ones can, however, contribute and worsen the situation. Age raises the likelihood, as does rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma. If you take beta blockers, antihistamines, or diuretics, your chances may also be greater of getting dry eyes 10543. The good news is that there is no danger of long term eye harm or impact on your vision. Be aware of symptoms like blurry vision, eye pain, and a feeling of scratchiness or burning in the eyes. Somewhat surprisingly, your eyes may make more tears in an effort to compensate for the symptoms. You can and should add a humidifier to your home, avoid smoke, and wear eyeglasses or sunglasses on windy days, but ultimately you need more and/or better tears. Our eye doctor can supply you with artificial tears, including those that are prescription strength if required. Surgery is rarely needed, but might be in more severe cases, especially if artificial tears are not effective.

Contact our office right now to set up an appointment with our eye doctor to address your dry eyes 10543.

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